Love and Basketball Written by: Shyanne Taylor

Love and Basketball Written by: Shyanne Taylor

Energy was through the roof as Christina Granville, also known as Ms.Basketball, entered the building. She lit up the room with her bright energy and amusing demeanor. Her story was extraordinary, truly motivating and even brought some to tears.   Don’t be fooled by the name however, she doesn’t just play basketball. Ms. Basketball is a Host for the NBA 2k league, CEO of the Ihooptoo foundation, a Professor at Morris Brown College, and much more.

            When asked who she is outside of her brand, she replied by saying that she is the exact same person. She is her authentic self everywhere she goes and carries her light everywhere. She stated, “Ms. Basketball is just a brand.” Someone followed up by asking when did the Ms. Basketball brand start? She explained how it never really started, it has always been around. Ever since she was a kid she went around with a mic rapping and performing around the house, she has always had an interest in entertaining. She was also known as the class clown growing up, always getting written up for “talking too much”. The name “Ms. Basketball” came to be through MySpace. She needed a creative name that described herself. She was always known as the girly girl when playing basketball, hence the “Miss”. Basketball came from her love for the game and her wanting to become a basketball wife in the future.

            Christina’s authenticity and loving spirit made a huge impact in her workplace.   Her amusing personality even helped her when they had no positions at the 2k league. They loved her so much that they created a show for her to star in.   The NBA 2k league went from 2% of Black Americans to 4% working in a million dollar industry after she arrived. Christina Granville is an inspiration to Black people everywhere, proving that if you want to do something just do it.

            Everything wasn’t always peaches and cream for Ms. Basketball though, she had to work for it. Growing up she lived in a rough, small, rural area in Florida. Girls were either pregnant or in sports, not a lot of people made it. Christina was a great athlete, so athletic that she got a full ride scholarship to play basketball and run track at a college in Kansas. When she got there however her ego and dreams were crushed, the Coach told her she wasn’t good enough. Reality hit, but what she didn’t know was this was a blessing in disguise. Five years later she got another full ride scholarship at another scholarship, started all four years and became captain.

            That wasn’t the only hardship she would go through. Just when things started to look up, Christina got fired from the hottest radio show in Atlanta, Georgia. She felt like she was at her absolute lowest. She kept reminding herself that things won’t always be bad, she even took a video of her crying to show proof of this. Next thing you know, Ms. Basketball has her very own show for the NBA 2K League. She is a walking testimony.

            Ms. Basketball is extremely thankful for how blessed her life is. Everyday when she wakes up and her feet hit the floor, she realizes how much God has blessed her. She explained that she’s not even in her prime yet and she is very aware that her life has been meaningful, and she has truly lived.

            I mentioned before, Ms. Basketball isn’t all basketball. Ms. Basketball is also known as Ms. G, a professor at Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a serious switch, going from a fun and entertaining host to a stern and firm professor. At times, the switch could be difficult due to students already knowing the Ms. Basketball side and not taking her as serious, but Ms. G focuses on being professional and maintaining a good balance. One person asked her, “Why Morris Brown”? She replied with, “Why not”? She explained that she understands that students are truly going through something and she can be that resource to help. Also, with all of her accomplishments and networks, students have someone in their corner that can truly help with their future career dreams. She even helped produce an Esports lab at Morris Brown, providing students even more opportunities for their future. She has already made so many bonds and special connections with students in just 1 year of teaching, truly remarkable.

            Who would’ve thought all of this could be done by one person? Christina Granville is the definition of a girl boss. From CEO to Professor is crazy, but it is just evident of how good God is. Christina told us that everything she has ever asked for, God has provided. She told us that, “No matter what, give God thanks, it could always be worse”. She left us off by saying that she was truly honored to be in our presence because we are the future. “Let your voice be heard”.

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