Walking in Your Purpose Written by: Shyanne Taylor

Walking in Your Purpose Written by: Shyanne Taylor

As we are in the midst of women’s history month, Upscale Online highlights an extremely influential black queen this week. It was truly an honor to meet TV film producer, entrepreneur, motivator, and God-fearing woman Princess Mbanuzue (B-nue-zee). Princess is truly conquering the creative field by storm as she lives by the words “Impact and Purpose”, and she does exactly that by helping others and walking in her purpose. Princess stated in the podcast Cool Conversations, “When I leave this Earth, I want someone to say I was impactful towards them.”

            Princess Mbanuzue is a well respected TV Film Producer and Entrepreneur. Can you say boss? Many don’t even know what it takes to even become a producer. Princess elaborates that being the producer is pretty much everything. Without the producer, nothing happens. While the director is the “head”, the producer is the “neck”, it is a well known fact that the head can’t move without the neck.

When asked how she became a producer, the story is truly inspiring and commendable. Before getting involved with film, Princess was a dancer. As a young dancer she was known as the individual to help the other girls with makeup, their hair, etc.   Princess was always known to have open arms when someone was in need of something. Before becoming an entrepreneur she explained how she took a break from dancing. During this time, a close friend of hers became signed by Flo Rida. She would often ask Princess for favors. The favors asked sometimes were as crazy as asking for a horse. As shocking as it sounds, Princess was able to provide for her friend for all of her requests. She was unknowingly filling the role of a producer already. Her friend’s director asked who was providing all of these resources, and when the name Princess Mbanuzue was said, so her story began. By walking in her purpose and doing what God told her to do which is help others, she was blessed tremendously.

When asked “When does one start walking in their purpose and finding their calling?” Princess explained the starting point is now. While some may be trying to find themselves in college, or maybe have already graduated and are still looking, continue to network and create value in someone else’s life. Someone even asked what do you do when you have people telling you your dreams are “unrealistic” and “not the safe route”. She confidently replied with “Block out the negativity and listen to God.”

With Princess being such an inspiration to so many individuals, especially black women. We asked who are three black women that inspire her? She had a little difficulty with answering this question because there have been so many influential women in her life, it is hard to limit the list to only three. However, she first answered with the admirable Debby Allen. She then followed by saying her mother, who has always been so strong as she was one of the first women to get involved in politics in Nigeria. Finally, she stated Janet Jackson, who she has great respect for due to her tenacity and swag. She also states how her peers and sisters are very influential in her life, she did not want to exclude them and discredit what they’ve done for her.

As the interview came to a close, we asked Princess what are some wise words she would like to leave us with for our future endeavors. Princess said a quote that she has been living by her whole life, “Never compete or compare, only congratulate and do what God called you to do.” Princess Mbanuzue is a remarkable woman who has overcome and conquered. She is living proof that with determination and faith, you can do anything you set your mind to.

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